Song Kang Makes His Comeback On Screen Today With The Premiere Of Navillera; Here’s Why You Need To Tune In

Song Kang Makes His Comeback On Screen Today With The Premiere Of Navillera; Here’s Why You Need To Tune In

From the offset, we sense that Deok-chul has a ardour that he never got to pursue. is the story about the dreams of this 23-12 months-old and the 70-yr-old man. It’s about people with desires and those without desires. It’s also about and for individuals who don’t even know what a dream is.

When he practises ballet, he cannot do a agency touchdown. Ki Seung-joo tells him there aren’t any emotions in his moves, and it appears like a exercise. When Lee Chae-rok isn’t dancing, he’s a waiter at a restaurant. A person from his previous (Ho-beom) walks in and references that his father is being released from jail quickly; he asks Lee Chae-rok if he deserves a good life. A flashback happens of Lee Chae-rok asking Ho-beom for help after his father went to prison, and Ho-beom punches him.

Shim Deok

Just earlier than his 70th birthday, he saw 23-yr-old ballerino Chae ok by happenstance. He tells himself to give it a shot one last time, holding the dream the he wished to fly simply once in life. Chae-rok is nursing a nagging knee injury; on the day of his audition, he bolts earlier than his massive moment, selecting instead to greet his father upon his release. He and Deok-chul’s paths cross with out them realizing it; as soon as, they’re on the same bus, another time, they’re in the identical viewers, entranced by a efficiency of Swan Lake.


His father, a rice store clerk, did no matter it took to make a living, and told Deok-chul, the eldest son, to get an workplace job as an alternative of doing manual labor. Following his father’s wishes, Deok-chul handed the open recruitment examination and got the steady, safe job of a postman. He lived his whole life as a sincere civil servant and became a father of three.

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A drama program often includes a set of actors playing characters in a historic or up to date setting. Before the Nineteen Eighties, exhibits (apart from soap opera-kind serials) typically remained static with out story arcs, and the main characters and premise modified little. If some change happened to the characters’ lives in the course of the episode, it was usually undone by the end. Because of this, the episodes could be broadcast in any order. Since the Eighties, many collection feature progressive change in the plot, the characters, or each. There are fairly a number of us right here who watch this for nearly the same purpose lmao.

On the way out the door, he catches a glimpse of Chae-Rok who additionally happens to be there watching. As fate would have it, they each find yourself on the bus collectively too. The family start bickering about funds and money at the dinner desk. Eventually dysfunctional Uncle Seong-Gwan reveals up and the household immediately begin another street of bickering. That evening, Chae-Rok begins working at a cafe but a boy referred to as Yang Ho-Beom arrives.

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